Election Result Labelled "Revenge Of The Youth" With Huge Turnout For 18-24s

One initial estimate claims it's as high as 72%

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If your eyes aren't stinging from reading 'LAB GAIN' on the BBC election coverage all night then the news is just reaching you that the Conservatives have fallen short of an overall majority and Labour have more than surpassed expectations.

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Labour were aware that engaging with the disenfranchised youth vote was crucial for them and poured their efforts into campaigns like #grimeforcorbyn and policies that appealed to young voters like ending tuition fees. Despite widespread scorn it appears to have paid off.

Many were quick to make the link that this was the 'revenge of the youth' who overwhelmingly voted to remain in the European Union last summer despite a low turnout. But it appeared the demographic weren't willing to let the same happen again in a gesture that read something like, "You Brexit, you fix it". Many pundits are putting the surprising performance of Labour in part down to a surge of young people that polls didn't account for.

Early estimates project the turnout for 18-24 year olds to be as high as 72 per cent, if true this would be a staggering gain from 43 per cent in 2015. The statistic was initially tweeted by the President of the National Union of Students and despite many calling for formal confirmation, early estimates suggest a sizeable increase in young voters turning out.

Sky News election analyst Professor Michael Thrasher commented that, "constituencies containing large numbers of graduates were flocking towards Labour" and added that, "higher turnout hinted that younger people were voting in higher numbers than two years ago."

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Ben Page, the chief executive of market research company Ipso Mori claimed that data broken down by age was unlikely to be available for a week or so but that turnout generally was up to around 69%.

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Elsewhere people praised the young'uns for finally turning up and also Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party for inspiring them to get there: