Tom Hardy Set To Play Jafar In Guy Ritchie's 'Aladdin' Amidst Whitewashing Controversy

Disney promised to "make a movie that's authentic to that world"

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Tom Hardy is reportedly first choice to play Jafar in Guy Ritchie's live action remake of Aladdin, and the decision is proving controversial.

Producer Dan Lin had previously stated that he and Ritchie would "make a movie that's authentic to that world", but Hardy's potential casting as an Arabic character is already stirring accusations of "whitewashing."

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Speaking about Hardy's involvement, a source told The Sun: "Guy is a huge fan of Tom's work and securing him would be a major coup. There have been conversations and, although nothing is set in stone and things are subject to change, he's certainly one of Guy's favoured choices.

"It just depends on schedules whether he'll be able to sign up."

The casting of white actors in non-white roles has been a controversial topic over the past year. Scarlett Johansson's caught flak for her starring role in the Japanese anime adaption Ghost in a Shell, and Matt Damon was ridiculed for playing a Chinese soldier in The Great Wall.

Fans on Twitter are less than happy about the potential casting choice: