Atari Is Releasing Their First Console In Over 20 Years

Did someone say Pac-Man?

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If you've had enough of playing Horizon Zero Dawn with its 'stunning visuals' and 'depth of rewarding gameplay' then it might be time to take it back to simpler times and the thumb-bruisers of old. Good news then, as Atari are releasing their first console in over 20 years.

Having sadly filed for bankruptcy in 2013 , Atari evolved a year later into a gaming company which focused on mobile and online casino games.

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The Telegraph reports that, "Around 30 million of the consoles were sold. Further hardware, the 5200 and 7800, followed before the launch of the Jaguar in 1993. However, the console suffered from a lack of support and sold just 250,000 units before it was discontinued."

Now it appears they're stepping back into the console world with the first release since the Atari Jaguar in 1993.

Speaking to GamesBeat, Atari's chief executive Fred Chesnais said, "We're back in the hardware business."

A statement confirmed with a video released on their YouTube channel teasing the new Atari Box which uses the original iconic wood panelling. The video doesn't give any release date of cost estimate but just promises the console is 'coming soon'.

Does this mean we'll be able to waste hours playing Pong again? Is Pac-Man getting a reboot? Fingers crossed.