Man Is Sent Home From Work For Wearing Shorts... So He Comes Back In A Dress

Can this rebel be stopped?

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Dressing for the daily grind when it's hotter than the Gobi Desert at high noon is a challenge for any man, and while we might not all agree on the suitability of wearing shorts to the office, it's pretty harsh to outright ban guys from doing.

Which brings us to Joey Barge, a call centre worker who's gone a bit viral after challenging the perceived unfairness of his employer's dress code.

The nutter.

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During a heatwave this week (you know the one), the 20-year-old decided to wear a shirt with a pair of smart, tailored shorts to work. He was promptly sent home for violating the office dress code, which stated that men should wear trousers at all times (oppressive). So what did he do?

We'll let Joey explain, via the medium of Twitter.

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The best thing about this is the higher-ups conceding and allowing "3/4 length shorts" in the office, because allowing, you know, actual shorts would be grossly unprofessional, but 3/4 lengths are just about passable.

Good work Joey, we hope you're cool and comfortable in your 3/4 length beige shorts now.

Incidentally, if you want to do shorts properly this summer here's how.