Hundreds Of Celebrities Came Together To Wish A Bullied Kid Happy Birthday On Twitter

No, you're crying

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When the only things you hear coming out of Twitter is hate speech and fake news, it's high time the social media site got a little good PR.

Enter the sad Twitter plea from father Chris Hope-Smith from Leeds who launched an appeal to get Happy Birthday wishes for his bullied son who turns nine on 5 July.

Yep, there's a little something in our eye too.

As is the case with most things that go viral, he couldn't' have imagined the overwhelming response he was to receive from prominent figures and kind strangers alike.

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He has since been given a shout-out on Newsround, a tour of Parliament and sent happy birthday wishes from Stormzy amongst other celebrities.

Here's some of the birthday messages so far, truly the best of social media:

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And of course, Air Lingus.