Grown Man Snatches Towel Thrown To Young Tennis Fan At Wimbledon

The Internet is outraged

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A Wimbledon spectator grabbed a towel thrown to a young boy in the crowd on Tuesday and tennis fans are not impressed.

ESPN footage shows US tennis player Jack Sock, who had just defeated Christian Garin in the first round of the Championships, throwing his towel into the hands of the youngster who had been watching the match from the second row.

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However, an unidentified man sitting in the first row clearly felt the Wimbledon souvenir was his to claim. Following a brief struggle, the man can be seen snatching the towel from the boy, leaving him empty-handed.

Twitter users were quick to share their outrage at the "greedy" spectator who has since been described as a "jerk old man". Now, Andy Murray's mum Judy has joined Jack Sock in launching a search to find the boy who had the tennis player's towel taken from his hands.

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"If you're the bloke in the blue polo shirt and hat, you should be ashamed," Judy Murray tweeted.

Good guy Sock has also promised to get the boy a brand new towel. "If anyone knows the kid that unfortunately had the towel ripped out of his hands...tweet his name at me and I'll be sure to get him one," he wrote on Twitter after the match.

The 2017 men's towel costs £30 from the online club shop, but as this fan experienced, getting your hands on one that has been used by a player isn't always easy.

Still, it looks like the boy could build up quite the collection. Since incident at Wimbledon, the towel offers have been flooding in.

Looks like he's got the full set.