Conor McGregor Trolls Floyd Mayweather As They Confront Each Other For The First Time

He seems excited

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We can't quite understand the controversy that surrounds UFC star Conor McGregor's upcoming fight with Floyd 'Money' Mayweather.

Sure, it's a bizarre cash-grab from both parties. And fine, okay, it kind of makes a total mockery of the sport of boxing.

But who cares? They're two of the biggest egos in the fighting world, and at least one of them is going to get forcibly humbled come 26 August. Two men who really shouldn't be lacing gloves – Mayweather because he's 40 and retired, McGregor because he'll inevitably launch a left knee into Floyd's pancreas – just can't resist the pull of the 'Billion Dollar Fight'.

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Yesterday they came face-to-face for the first time in a press conference, and McGregor was the more animated of the two:

Boos rang out in the LA centre for Mayweather, while McGregor rallied cheers. McGregor even snuck a secret message for Mayweather on his suit:

Addressing the crowd, McGregor said:

"He's in a f*****g tracksuit, he can't even afford a suit anymore," Ireland's first UFC belt holder said. "The Rolls is a 2012 outside. He is f****d."

We'll have to wait and see.