A closer look at LA Noire

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It's been getting somewhat embarrassing in the Esquire office of late as the release for Rockstar's LA Noire nears.

The gaming faithful have been polishing (or should we say hamming?) their best cop-against-the-odds routines, readying themselves for a spot of sleuthing. But, as this new gameplay video shows, perhaps the most fun will be had in the interrogation room, where would-be Dirty Harrys will get the chance to turn the screws on low-life perps.

We've only got a couple of months to wait until LA Noire is in stores, so until then we'll keep trying to figure out a way to bark "Talk now or the DA's gonna have your ass" in an editorial meeting and not get hauled up in front of human resources.

LA Noire is out 17 May, www.rockstargames.com/lanoire/