An Infamous Mexican Drug Cartel Is Planning On Flooding The UK With Cocaine

El Chapo's outfit have targeted Britain because of 'huge demand'

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Renowned for their brutal methods of torture and murder, the Sinaloa Cartel is reportedly preparing to flood the British drugs market with massive quantities of cocaine.

According to The Times, the Mexican drug gang has formed a pact with a Romanian crime syndicate who have control over lorries and transportation, which will allow the cartel to operate in Britain on a massive scale.

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Considered the largest and most brutal Cartel in the Western hemisphere, the Sinaloa gained worldwide infamy after its leader, El Chapo, was caught last year after a global manhunt.

Millions of dollars worth of cocaine is burned by Mexican authorities

The National Crime Agency has warned the unnamed Romanian gang is able to bring massive amounts of cocaine into Britain on a weekly basis through ports like Liverpool, Dover and Folkestone, and may be using children as mules to deliver the drugs to rural areas from major cities.

The NCA believes the Sinaloa cartel is attracted to the UK because of its lucrative market, where customers are prepared to pay big fees for a gram, while London was found to be the cocaine capital of Europe in 2016.

It's estimated that as much as 100 tonnes of cocaine is shipped to the country each year, but the majority is intercepted by the authorities.