Liam Gallagher Apparently Looks Too Young To Buy Cigarettes (And He's Fuming About It)

Don't look back in anger, though, Liam

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Liam Gallagher may be famed for singing about Cigarettes & Alcohol, but it seems he can't even buy them for himself.

The Oasis frontman claimed on Twitter that a shopkeeper in New York, where he was performing last night, refused to sell him cigarettes because he didn't have any ID to prove he was old enough.

In fact, at 44 years old, he is 26 years older than the legal smoking age in the US and the UK.

Liam Gallagher
Not tonight, Liam. Not tonight
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He was so affronted by the snub that he immediately took to Twitter to vent his frustration:

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Naturally, fans were quick to offer their sympathy on the social media site as they desperately tried to soothe his ire.

Oh well, Liam, there's always alcohol. Oh no, wait...