Ronaldinho Will Come Out Of Retirement Under One Hilarious Condition

What did you really expect?

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A buck-toothed bon vivant with magic in his feet and Samba in his hips (close your eyes and imagine that little swaying celebration), Ronaldinho's peak burned bright and beautiful; a player more prone to impromptu brilliance and late nights than extra training sessions and rigid tactics. But one lucky club might be able to tempt him from retirement...

But, as with all good things, there's a condition.

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Last seen playing for Fluminese in Brazil's Serie A, the 37-year-old is prepared to play once more if a willing employer will let him do so without training.

Ed Maylon, Sports Editor for The Independent, confirmed Ronaldinho's demands via his Twitter account:

Maylon's Tweet was subsequently backed up by Brazilian football expert @BrazilStat.

While it might not be he kind of attitude to endear himself with teammates and modern managers, it's Ronaldinho.

This Ronaldinho.

Just older and even lazier.

But who's counting?