Watch Antonio Conte's Hilarious Reaction To Diego Costa Going AWOL

He's not having it

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Considering their general reputation as overpaid prima donnas, any remark which errs on the side of melodramatic can cause widespread ridicule when uttered by a footballer. Especially when complaining about their quality of life when they're being paid approaching £200,000 a week.

Diego Costa recently claimed that he has been treated like "a criminal" at Chelsea, after wanting to leave the London side.

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It's a description of his time there which sounds about as believable as Julian Assange claiming to be a victim whilst chilling in the Ecuadorian embassy stationary cupboard.

When Costa's manager/arch enemy Antonio Conte was pressed on the subject of the Brazilian being given such a rough time, he had the perfect response.

The chuckle of a man who has seen a giant baby of a striker having a tantrum over nothing a few too many times.

"I prefer to laugh, it's great, it's great," he said. "I can tell you everyone who works in Chelsea knows what happened last season. It's funny this interview.

He went on to say, "'I'm not interested to continue this issue, for me he is the past."