The iPhone 8 Price List Has Been Leaked And, Unsurprisingly, It's Not Good News

Shame Apple don't take I.O.U's

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Though we're starting to get more of an indication of how the iPhone 8 will look, feel and work, the most important factor - for anyone who isn't a millionaire - is how much the bloody thing is going to cost.

Sorry to sound like yer dad.

Though there is no officially confirmed cost, a tweet from Benjamin Geskin seems to have put solid figures against three different models.

Geskin's Twitter bio describes him as a 'Mobile Reporter, Concept Creator, Leaks and Rumors Visualization', which either sounds like the person to trust on the matter or a random combination of words which makes no sense.

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He tweeted yesterday estimating:

Ouch. Yes, that is a lot of money to get rid of your home button and headphone jack.

Though it is worth pointing out that despite his impressive and strange job title, Geskin's source is a friend of a friend.

Which may be about as reliable as a "girlfriend who goes to another school". We'll see.