Zinedine Zidane Has Spoken Out About That Infamous World Cup Headbutt

Light a candle for 2006

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Where were you when Zinedine Zidane dropped that shining magician's bonce and drove it into the centre of Marco Materazzi's chest and soul? How did you feel during that iconic millisecond of seppuku madness that ended the Frenchman's national career and propelled Italy to World Cup glory?

The J.F.K of our time (just without the whole assassination thing), every football fan remembers that fateful day in 2006, and now the man behind the 'butt has discussed how he remembers the incident.

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"I did not feel proud," Zidane told French TV channel, Telefoot.

"I am not proud of this gesture -- for all these young people, all these coaches, all those volunteers who make football a different thing."

Speculation at the time suggested the Italian defender had insulted Zidane's sister and mother.

In a later autobiography, Materazzi himself confirmed that "I mentioned his sister, but not his mother." He added: "I decided to write a book about it because everyone kept asking me what I said to Zidane to get such a reaction.

"What I said was really stupid, but my words didn't warrant such a reaction. In any neighbourhood -- in Rome, Naples, Turin, Milan or Paris, you hear far worse things...."

While Zidane chose not to comment on exactly what prompted such a legendary moment of madness, he was in a reflective mood, saying: "It is part of my career, my life. It is one of those things that are not pleasant, we must accept, that we must digest."

It's Ok, Zizou (that's what real fans call him), it looks you're moving on pretty well at the moment.