Jake Gyllenhaal Really Doesn't Give A F**k About 'Fashion Week'

All hail your new 'Normcore' King

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Fashion Week: Bright lights, flashbulbs, Evian. The dim glow from the gentrified bar, swirling with influencers, fixers, buyers, editors, hangers-on and £100,000 worth of ironic trainers.

"What's he wearing?"

"Is that Balenciaga?"

"God, I hate that guy.... The one over there."

"What time is it?"

Away from the runways, it can get a little dull.

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But then, appearing from the mist like a slouchy crusader against the narcissism and dumb hats, a wild Jake Gyllenhaal appears. A guy who evidently does not give a horsebit loafered, patent leathered f*ck about what he wears to New York Fashion Week.

Praise be to you, Jake: our new Normcore King.

Obviously helped by his 0.01% genes, Jake bowled up to the opening of New York Fashion Week in an outfit that was totally... regular. And it was glorious.

Like a more refined version of Leo's 'dad cap and cargo shorts' lady-killing combo, Jake's low-key sweatshirt, boots and black jeans set-up was beautiful in its total disregard for the peacock norms of fashion's elaborate festival of excess and trendy parties.

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While we would never discourage being bold and experimenting with your clothes, there's something special about an A+++-lister managing to stand out from the crowd by wearing as plain an outfit as possible.

Having Jake Gyllenhaal's face obviously helps a bit, too.

But let's not dwell on that...

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