This Is The $26m House Floyd Mayweather Bought After Beating Conor McGregor

Nice and cosy

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Think of Floyd Mayweather home, and you probably don't picture a modest semi in suburbia. This is the guy who has a tiger for a pet and casually dropped $400,000 in on Hermès handbags last year.

This is not a man afraid to flash the cash, or indeed to flash the cash and meticulously documented the price tags on his Instagram account.

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His latest purchase which his treat his fans to a glimpse of? A $26 million mansion in Beverly Hills. Mayweather bought the crib to celebrate his win over Conor McGregor in the fight the New York Times aptly called, 'The fleece of the century'. And fleece Mayweather certainly did, walking away with well over £100m, that's before you even include sponsorships afterwards.

The now retired boxer spent a further $500,000 on furnishings and paid for the lot in cash. The sprawling house is over 15,000 square feet and houses six bed rooms, ten bathrooms, marble floors, LED-lit handrails, a bar lounge, a library, a staff apartment, a gym, a spa, a swimming pool, and a 20-seat cinema with sweets stand.

Here are some of the image he uploaded yesterday of his incredibly humble abode.

Livin' life in Beverly Hills.

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Relaxing in the 90210.

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My wine cellar in my Beverly Hills castle.

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Beverly Hills lifestyle... healthy, wealthy and stress free.

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We imagine it's not the last we'll see of his new toy.