17 reasons to be cheerful

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With 17 January officially being the most depressing day of the year we thought we'd give you a few reminders that it's not all doom and gloom.

1. It's tipping it down but rejoice in the fact that the chances of a hosepipe ban this summer are dwindling rapidly.

2. Plus, you've now got a good excuse to go and buy yourself a lovely brolly.  There are plenty to chose from in our latest issue (on sale now)

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3. At least it's not raining inside, as it was at the Burberry menswear show at Milan Fashion Week.

4. The rise in VAT is enough to make anyone gloomy, but fear not, magazines are exempt so you can buy your copy of Esquire without any thoughts of austerity measures.

5. The royal wedding. OK, the press coverage will be relentless, the sentimentality unbearable and the country will come to a standstill.  But anything that gives us an extra bank holiday can only be a good thing, surely.

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6. It's a brilliant time for new films. The upcoming releases we're most excited about are Black Swan (21 January), Biutiful (28 January) and True Grit (11 February).

7. HBO’s mob epic Boardwalk Empire starts on new channel Sky Atlantic on 1 February. Directed by Martin Scorsese, written by Terence Winter of Sopranos fame and starting Steve Buscemi (who all feature in our current issue), it's sensational.

8. The sequel to LittleBigPlanet. Stephen Fry narrates as you guide Sackboy through the bizarre levels.  This, coupled with the user-generated content and the ability to create your own quirky LittleBigPlanet world, is the ideal distraction from the mid- January blues.

9. If laughter is the best medicine, the British Comedy Awards should be the televisual equivalent of a large does of vitamin C.  The ceremony makes its Channel 4 debut on 22 January.

10. If watching comedians pull their best “it’s just nice to be nominated” face as they miss out on an award doesn’t do it for you, go grab yourself a copy of the Louis CK’s Hilarious concert on DVD. He's a genius.

11. Therapy for the ears is available this month with new releases from Esquire favourites Adele, Iron & Wine, Hercules & Love Affair.

12. The Nineties are back: Pulp are playing Hyde Park, which promises to be one of the great singsongs of the summer.

13. And Jerry Seinfeld returns to these shoes on 3 June for  one night only at the O2. Buy tickets. Now.

14. It's less than two months to the start of the Formula One season, which promises another another epic battle between McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull.

15. And talking of sport, this summer is an international football-free zone so there's no chance of your hopes being raised and then dashed, followed by weeks of discussions on the merits of Gareth Barry.

16. The March edition of Esquire is out in a mere two and a half weeks.

17. Christmas 2011 is only 340 days away. Good times.

Toni Houghton

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