Eden Hazard Has Created 'The Perfect' Footballer Using 9 Current Players

Charlie Adam just missed the cut...

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One of the Premier League's most complete forwards, Eden Hazard has speed, skill, composure in front of goal and kind eyes (a vital component) – but he's not perfect. Just ask him.

Quizzed with creating a portrait of his ideal player for France Football magazine, Hazard chose a patchwork of nine current players' attributes that he reckons would combine to make the world's most formidable Frankenstein footballer.

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He really loves Cesc Fabregas, doesn't he?

Leadership: John Terry

"John Terry is the best captain in the world," said Hazard. "He is there, he encourages you all the time. He screams.

"When you do not play well, it does not matter, he speaks to you, tells you that you must move. He has the right words. When I am a captain, I say to myself: 'What am I going to say?' I should be able to but I cannot."


Vision: Cesc Fabregas

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"I have had the chance to play with [Cesc] Fabregas and I can say that he has the best game vision in the world."

"He does not run fast, technically he does not make gestures. But he has that thing, and he has it since he was born. If I have his vision of the game, I'd be on a much higher level."

Set-pieces: Christian Eriksen

"I would say Christian Eriksen of Tottenham, he shoots them too well. And Toni Kroos, too. Besides, when Sergio Ramos scores, it's always him who delivers the corner. Magic foot."

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Heading: Christian Benteke

"I am not bad, I have good timing. I jump high. It's just the headbutt, I'm afraid, I close my eyes. I would need the head of Cristiano Ronaldo. That guy, he jumps, stays in the air and it's good, he scores. How about Fellaini? Ah yes, Fellaini, incredible! And Benteke, a crazy thing! He jumps, pah, goal!"

Speed: Eden Hazard

"As far as I am concerned, I have this quality of speed over a few metres, not on a long distance. After that, I am quickly tired … But for the first five metres, at the start, I am not bad."

Along with rating himself when it comes to speed, Eden picked out Luis Suarez for finishing; Cristiano Ronaldo for physicality; Karim Benzema for his off-the-ball movement and Andres Iniesta for the slightly ambiguous category of 'class'.

M'Andres, what a classy Le Gentleplayer you are.

Thanks, Eden