Even Mauricio Pochettino Is Sick Of Dele Alli's Diving Antics

What are you doing, Dele?

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A young man who is undeniably very good at playing football, Dele Alli has nevertheless found himself back in the sizzling frying pan of public ire (grown men around the country are very cross) after a dive that was so blatant and poorly executed that even his manager had to say something about it.

With Spurs 3-0 up and cruising against Huddersfield on Saturday, thanks to the wonder boot and heavy breathing of Harry Kane, Alli decided to try his luck with some poorly-thought-out penalty area theatrics... but just ended up looking like a bit of a tw*t.

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Asked about the incident in a post-game interview, Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino warned Alli about his habit of going to ground too easily.

"I didn't see [the incident]," Pochettino said after the game. "It's so difficult for me from my position. But if it was like this he needs to learn. He must learn. This type of action doesn't help him, doesn't help the team and doesn't help the football.

"We are talking in the last few years about fair play, about being honest. I think he is improving a lot and learning but still he must learn."

Sat on the Match of the Day sofa with his great goal-scoring bonce and purple satin shirt glistening beneath the studio lights, Alan Shearer was his usual, uncompromising self, saying: "That is blatantly trying to cheat."

Thanks, Alan. And cut it out, Dele. Otherwise you'll have this big meat pie of a man on your doorstep.