Real Madrid Have Reportedly Dropped Their Asking Price For Gareth Bale

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Poor Gareth Bale.

He bucked the trend of boring English footballers who don't fancy life outside the M25 and decided to play abroad. Spain, he thought. My chance to broaden my cultural horizons, to finally figure out what sangria is.

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He even bothered learn the language, as you can see here where he flaunts his A-level Spanish with pride.

But no, it's not enough for the merciless folk at Real Madrid, who it turns out are so keen to get rid of Bale that they've lowered the asking price for the Welshman.

Bale was linked with Manchester United several times last season as it appeared Real Madrid favoured that man who replaced him when injured, Isco. But the deal reportedly fell through as Madrid were unable to land Kylian Mbappe, and so hung onto him instead.

Madrid are now so fed up with his injuries they're only looking for around £62-69m for him next summer.

This would be a fair loss on the £87.5million they paid for him back in 2013, and a blow given they passed up Mourinho's offer last season which was reportedly upward of £100m.

Considering he's missed 60% of matches since moving to España it looks like they're keen to get rid of him fast.