What we're listening to - Jay Electronica

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Mark our words, this is going to be huge. Not X Factor-style, one sequin sparkle kind of huge - we're talking somewhere on the massive side of gargantuan.

Signed to Jay Z's star-making Roc Nation label on Friday, Jay Electronica - New Orleans rap sensation and father of Erykah Badu's youngest child - has just unveiled his new track, the appropriately titled "Announcement".

Opening with an inspired sample of one of JFK's most stirring speeches (though it's hard not to picture Mayor Quimby hearing the ill-fated president's Massachusetts quiver) "Announcement" is a short sharp smack of a track. A stripped back, beat-laced platform for Jay Electronica's undeniable talent, there's something very late 90s about it (think Dead Prez's "Hip Hop") which, considering the bling-encrusted crap which has dominated the hip hop genre for the past decade or so, is no bad thing.


Words by Teo van den Broeke