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With portents of doom being broadcast from every quarter, it was refreshing (if a little leveling) to see a 19-year-old boy, his schoolgirl girlfriend and their mates headlining the Park Stage at Glastonbury last month.

It was only 6 months or so ago that Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg's musical ambitions extended little beyond giving away his tracks for free on Myspace. These days Avi Buffalo - as Isenberg's uber-talented four piece is known -have a record deal with Californian label Sub Pop and the buzz has gone global.

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Tracks such as (the dubiously titled) "Summer Cum" and "What's in it For" are accomplished, though delicate melodic flights of fancy, afforded a sense of gravity by Avi Zahner-Isenberg's staggeringly mature vocals and equally impressive guitar playing.

Another irritatingly youthful (yet no less talented) outfit whose trail we've been on for a while now is that of Puro Instinct.

Consisting of Piper and Sky, a pair of 22 and 15-year-old sisters - and Cody, who’s not - Puro instinct (formerly known as Pearl Harbor) produce a kind of sedated, sweet reverb-drenched pop that’s not unlike 90s’ shoegazers Lush. Big echoey electric guitars are plucked like acoustics creating a dreamy, drifty hazy summer Sunday afternoon sound that sounds like it’s beamed in from the edge of sleep.