Sugar and spice and all things nice...

The buzz surrounding our new cover star, Katy Perry, has reached near stratospheric levels, so we wanted to give you a little insight into what it's like to be in the presence of La Perry. She's already been described as "the human equivalent of eating 19 packets of Reese's Pieces in one go" — which to us sweet toothed types sounds like no bad thing — but we think we can do better in expressing the recipe for her all-round loveliness.

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Bettie Page

Not everyone can pull off the short fringe and still look hot, nor a pair of serious dominatrix pants and still look cute. Page did it, Perry's doing it, we're loving it.


Babs Windsor

One thing we were surprised by when meeting Katy, was a very British sense of humour — not just her "oops, where'd by bikini top go?!" cover pose, but a sense of good old fashioned (slightly dirty) fun. Suddenly the Brand-Perry axis makes all kinds of sense.

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A touch of warrior queen? You can't last long in showbiz without it, and Perry is currently our pop princess of choice. Her forthcoming album is set to show Christina and Britney just how it's done.


Betty Boop

We like our pop stars to be shiny, happy people. Perry described herself to us as "cartoonish", and we think she's got a definite hint of the saucer-eyed cutie about her.


Jimmy Five Bellies

How did Perry bag Brand? Throwing a bottle of water at his head. That's the kind of initiative/hooliganism of which we wholeheartedly approve.