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We stumbled across these sartorially savvy chaps mid-scout on Carnaby Street, in our unrelenting quest to find Britain’s Best Dressed Man. With an infectious urban dance sound Nu Brand are hitting all the right notes.

Considering our current obsession with well-dressed men, and the fact that the trio's latest tune ‘Runway,’ is dedicated entirely to fashion week, we thought it only right to give it a little extra air time. The video was directed by Luke Biggins, who has previously directed videos for Dizzee Rascal and Ludacris.

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Aside from their impeccable collective dress sense and slicker than your average sound, the real reason we love Nu Brand is the sublime conservative party "anthem" the group produced for BBC's Newsnight earlier this year. With inspired lines such as  "I'm good friends with David C, met him and Samantha on the FB, his profile picture was a big tree" and "it's all Cameron, Osborne and Liam Fox. Please don't mistake them for Eton Toffs",  you know they're going to be big.