What we're listening to - Transmission retransmitted

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British charity, War Child, has been working with youngsters in the globe's most conflict-blighted regions for the past 17 years. 2009 saw the release of ‘War Child: Heroes’ - the charity's fifth album - a compilation featuring 15 cover tracks from the likes of Peaches, Lily Allen and the Scissor Sisters.

We rediscovered this philanthropic gem a few weeks back, hiding under a tower of CDs at Esquire HQ, and - Irrespective of the impressive line-up - our favourite track by far has to be Hot Chip’s glitchy take on Joy Division classic, Transmission.

Previous Hot Chip covers, including storming versions of Wiley's ‘Wearing my Rolex’ and Shakira's ‘She Wolf’, have done much to affirm the group’s star status (not to mention their four sell-out albums) - and the bass-heavy, synth-stretchy, calypso-infused take on Ian Curtis & Co's 1979 original is no exception.