Death becomes them

There comes a stage in every rock star’s life where they have a clear choice to make. Persevere with living and toddle towards self-parody like Ozzy Osborne and Iggy Pop or expire in a blaze of drugs, plane crashes and gun-crime like the subjects of Rock Shrines: Where The Stars’ Lives Ended And The Myths Began.

Ostensibly an investigation into the mythology that surrounds premature rock and roll death, Thomas H Green's book is a colourful and extensive breeze through rock’n’roll’s dead hall of fame, featuring oft-forgotten icons like Woody Guthrie and Dennis Wilson alongside the Lennons, Jackos and Cobains.

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Rock Shrines also has another card up its sleeve though. Hidden within its pages are small pockets of macabre paraphernalia, including a copy of Elvis Presley’s death certificate, Jim Morrison’s will and Freddy Mercury’s moustache. Ok, we may have mythologized a little bit on the last one. (Ilex) £19.99

Words by Sam Parker