A possible explanation for Rafa Nadal's recent loss of form

We always treat a new Shakira video with mild interest (particularly after her bizarre caged pelvic thrusts for "She-Wolf"), but we were more surprised than usual by the news that the skimpily clad Colombian had recruited none other than Spanish former number-one tennis player Rafael Nadal to romp alongside her in the promo for "Gypsy", see clip below.

From the 30 second preview we've been sent, Nadal looks authentically confused by the whole thing — perhaps wondering where, despite the sheerness of her top, Shakira's nipples have got to. He's keeping his own assets demurely under wraps but seeing as we've been promised it'll be Shakira's "hottest video ever", we're hopeful there'll be a gun show and some bum-picking later on in the proceedings. "Gypsy" will be released on 12 April.

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