Small cathedrals, shoes, custard, flour and eggs

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While the world’s media ponders the motives for Massimo Tartaglia's vicious assault on Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, we remain perplexed by the assailant's weapon of choice: a small statue of a cathedral. Although we would never condone an attack on an old man (even if he is a crook), it does go straight in at number one in our 'Top Five Public Attacks on Politicians Using Unconventional Weapons'...

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2. Bush gets a shoeing: Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi became a worldwide hero after his 2008 attack on President George W Bush, using both his shoes. Notice in the video that a) He actually opts to stand and remove shoe number two - even with guards on his case, and b) Bush actually manages a little smile as he spots incoming shoe number two.


3. Mandy goes green: Leila Deen decided in March 2009 that the most efficient way to sum up the current debate on Heathrow's third runway was to use green custard. Interestingly, officers rushed to Peter Mandelson’s aid, leaving Leila standing alone, dramatic effect numbed, looking as perplexed as Mandelson.



4. Blair feels flour power: Prime Minister Tony Blair was attacked in 2004 in Parliament by members of Fathers 4 Justice. The weapon used was a flour-filled condom – significance unknown. Interestingly, Blair didn’t even flinch as it sailed inches from his head.


5. Prezza doesn't get the yoke: But perhaps there’s logic here – 2001 saw Chris Evans, a disgruntled farm worker, throw a highly unimaginative egg at Prescott, who responded with an excellent jab-cross that belied his paunchy, pie-eating reputation. If only Chris had been resourceful and used a live chicken he might have saved himself the bruising…..