What we're listening to - Marina and The Diamonds

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There's something intriguing about Marina Diamandis — she has the pouty good looks of a pop starlet but the musical nuttiness of Kate Bush (a combo which also clearly intrigued Rankin, who shot her in our November issue). As for this video for "Mowgli's Road", directed by Chris Sweeney, it's a little bit Beyoncé, a little bit Avatar, a little bit origami.

On www.marinaandthediamonds.com, she offers interesting how-they-did-it insight on the video, as well as revealing the encouraging feedback she received from her dad. She'll be doing a few dates in the UK starting in London on 3 November. For more information visit www.myspace.com/marinaandthediamonds

"Mowgli's Road" is out on 16 November (679 Records)