Meet France's golden boy and his badger companion

Being the intrepid, cosmopolitan magazine that we are, Esquire sat down at the weekend to enjoy Les Victoires De La Musique, France's equivalent of the Brits.

The mysteries of French pop music have long intrigued us - the pan-generational appeal of Johnny Hallyday, and his squinty sheepdog eyes, being a case in point - so we were keen to see what's floating their bateaux right now. Turns out it's the fellow above - Julien Dore - winner of France's version of X Factor and a living embodiment of the arguments against a side-swipe fringe. The significance of the badger was lost somewhere trans-manche. Here's a video of him doing an interpretation of Britney Spear's "Baby One More Time", for the benefit of a transvestite Bette Midler lookalike in a mini top hat, for which he has taken the trouble to learn three lines of lyrics. It is very much "in the club style".

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