July 2012


Uncensored tweets, hypersexual music videos and infamous relationships: to say Rihanna courts controversy would be pure understatement. But as Esquire finds out, you don't want to say it to her – she doesn't like it. Luckily the 24 year-old pop icon is much happier flirting with the camera in our sensational cover shoot, and revealing a certain predilection for Cheryl Cole… Speaking of those, if you're between forty and sixty and have started fancying fast cars, younger women and skinny jeans, then this month's Esquire guide is here to help you through your (completely inevitable) Midlife Crisis. Elsewhere, we've got Jeremy Langmead advising on summertime layering, Tim Adams tackling homophobia in football, and Mark Hix showing us how to do salads (they're not just for girls).

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