27 Signs You're Turning Into Your Dad

It's Father's Day. Time to check whether you've morphed into your old man already

1 | You wake up on a Sunday and think it's a good day for a bonfire.

2 | You're starting to understand corduroy. In jacket form.

3 | You can't see what all the fuss is about. Just generally.

4 | You've realised there's a big hole in your Spotify collection marked jazz.

5 | You quite fancy Emily Maitliss.

6 | If you're making two cups of tea at home, you only use one bag.

7 | You understand the benefits of going for a walk. Just because.

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8 | You look longingly at the space available in a Volvo V70.

9 | You've started to ask staff at your local which guest ales they have on.

10 | You've started to watch the TV weather, all the way through to the end.

11 | You're on nodding terms with the guys at the dump.

12 | Porridge is your go to breakfast.

13 | You now understand the in jokes on radio 4's I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.

14 | You've recently told colleagues you're starting a lifetime ban on "expensive, frothy coffees".

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15 | You can't lie in past 8am on a Saturday.

16 | You own a pair of walking boots. And they cost more than your trainers.

17 | You're considering an upgrade on your hand saw.

18 | You know the average annual house price in your area since 2005.

19 | When you find a sweater you like you buy three.

20 | You can't name a single DJ on radio 1.

21 | You still use the word DJ.

22 | You spend more time on your nose hairs than you do on your actual hair.

23 | You're developing a growing fascination with Churchill.

24 | You choose cheeseboard over dessert.

25 | You can't stand it when footballers spit, or swear at the referee.

26 | You're starting to put an irrationally high value on 'a good view'.

27 | You think internet list features are a bit juvenile.

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