Are you missing the greatest sporting comeback ever staged?

Trust us, if you like sport even a little bit, then you need to clear your diary

Something’s going on in San Francisco bay right now that is right up there with the very best in sporting drama.

Featuring state of the art technology, tactical skill, split-second decision-making, edge to edge racing, deeply-felt rivalries, extreme levels of fitness and athleticism, multi-millonaire backers, it’s got the lot.

And we’re guessing you don’t even know it’s on.

The reason you’re not watching is because the sport in question is sailing. (You need to trust me here.)

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Yes, it’s true, sailing’s status in the armchair sports pantheon is somewhere just below cross-country skiing and junior hockey.

But forget all that and listen to the facts because something pretty remarkable is underway and tonight is the climax.

Here's the elevator pitch. At stake is the sport’s oldest trophy, the America’s Cup.

Two state of the art $100m catamarans - Team New Zealand (challengers) and Team USA (defenders) - capable of over 50mph are racing head to head on a set course in San Francisco bay. The first to 9 wins.

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New Zealand went 8-1 up and were romping to victory, completely in charge.

But then Team USA made some changes and drafted in GB Olympian Ben Ainslie as their tactician. And guess what? The score now sits at 8-8.

And tonight at 9pm BST it’s winner takes all.

For the first time, cameras are dotted all over the boat and key crew members are micced up so it feels like you're a stowaway on board. All that's missing is the odd bucket of water in your face.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never set foot on a sailboat in your life. Sure you won't have a clue what the commentators are talking about - probably most of the time. But that's half the fun of watching a new sport played at its absolute best. You might even learn something.

So instead of watching the Capital One Cup 3rd round tonight, tune in to what could be the culmination of one of sport's greatest ever comebacks. Trust us on this one.

Tonight at 9pm on Sky Sports 3 or via live feed on You Tube 

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