Reader's Nightmares: Happy Halloween

Stephen King. Wes Craven. One Direction. People from all areas of popular culture horrify us, but no matter how warped or depraved their output, there will always be one source of terror greater than all others.

Our own twisted minds.

To mark the onset of this year's Halloween nonsense, we asked Esquire's readers to share their most surreal and upsetting nightmares. Conclusion? You are one sick set of puppies...

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"I once dreamt that a legless Gazza (as in without legs, rather than drunk) was stuck down the side of my bed and was trying to strangle me."

- Ellie, via Facebook

"I was directing a remake of My Fair Lady starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Henry Higgins. Everyone at the studio thought the scenes were great but only I could see they were awful."

 - Brent, via Facebook


"I once yawned a 7 foot python from my stomach."

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- Andrew, via Facebook

"I was babysitting some kids and I got them drawing pictures. The pictures then started appearing as tattoos on my body in blood."

- Joey, via Facebook


"I had my feet eaten by Harold Bishop, who had a monster teeth like the clown from IT"

 - Thomas, via Facebook

"I once dreamt that I was a buffet sausage roll at a wedding. I just observed as the guests feasted on my friends ...and I never got picked up."

- Adam, via Facebook

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