22 Reasons Not To Hate Winter

It's here to stay so you may as well look on the bright side

It’s getting colder and darker. And it's going to last for about five months straight. But before you hit the Prozac, take some time to remember that there are some good things that only happen in the big push between now and March.


The chance to build your wardrobe around a coat. A good coat forgives a lot.

On entering a pub: stamping feet on mat. Rubbing hands together in international sign for coming in from the cold. Ordering Guinness.

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Radiator-fresh gloves.

The slap of football on thigh during frosty 5-a-side. Pain that’s life-affirming.

The shame-free DVD boxset weekend. ‘That’s right’, you can say on Monday, ‘16 episodes straight’.

Soups start to make a lot of sense again.


You can legitimately drink whisky purely to warm yourself up. Not every day, but often enough.

And how just having a hip flask can raise your social status.

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Wearing hats with at least 30% less inhibition than usual.

A perfect snowball into the back of your mate’s head. It’s the little things.

Sunlight – lower, different, less of it. So when it’s available, you take notice.

No more frappuccinos.

No more flip-flops.

The changing nature of women’s wardrobes: in summer it’s ‘sexy’. In winter, it’s ‘cute’.

Ski-jumping on Eurosport on random Sunday afternoons.

The boozy winter lunch, when you emerge from a restaurant and it’s already dark. So you might as well head straight to the pub.

The January Social Pass – it will get you out of pretty much any event or gathering you don’t want to go to.

Marvelling at the brilliance of wellington boots.

The moment 19 minutes into a run when you’re warm, you’re breath is even and you’re the only one in the park.

The mesmerizing pull of a fire. Indoors or out, big or small.

Flying off on a long-haul holiday to escape this bloody weather.


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