Esquire Weekly Issue 43 Is Available Now

Seven things we learned making the new Esquire Weekly, including why Kate Upton doesn’t mind if you’re hairy

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Esquire Weekly is now available on iPhones, too. We get it, pulling out an iPad isn’t always the most convenient thing to do on a packed train, so we’ve converted our award winning digital magazine into a great read for your mobile. Responsive, interactive and designed specifically for the device, you’ll get the style and cultural commentary that Esquire is famous for, all in your pocket.

To see what we’re talking about, download the Esquire UK app from iTunes and either buy this week’s issue for 99p or take out a three-month subscription package for just £4.99 (in which we’ll give you a month’s free trial to decide whether you like it. We think you will).

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1 | The world’s best bikini beach is in Mexico

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And that’s according to our guest editors, Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley. The bikini queens of Instagram spend an inordinate amount of time on beaches all over the world so we’re inclined to believe them. Inside the issue they talk us through nine more sandy gems you should see before you die, the best bikinis to buy for your other half and reveal how exactly they managed to secure what seems to be the world’s best job.

2 | Kate Upton loves you just the way you are

Or at least, that’s what she told us when we spoke to her about male grooming. As long as you’re confident, she’ll even tolerate back-hair. Sure Kate, sure. For this and more gems on sneaky photographers, speedo wearers and good beach etiquette, read our interview with her, in this week's issue.

3 | If you’ve got a round face you need chunky shades

Mitigate the horror of buying sunglasses in public by using our interactive fit guide. Take a picture of your face and we’ll show you how you look in the key sunglass shapes for summer. There’s also expert advice from buyers, opticians and sunglass manufacturers.

4 | Shep Gordon can do more drugs than you

Shep Gordon used to manage the likes of Blondie, Rick James and Teddy Pendergrass. He’s done acid with Hendrix, threw the now infamous chicken at Alice Cooper and once went on a three-day bender, in order to secure a contract to manage someone. He tells Morris Kessler why he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

5 | Swim shorts can look good

We’ve picked out twelve of the season’s best and employed some authentic Fifties surfers to demonstrate why everything from patterns to block colour via short-shorts will look ace in the sun.

6 | Sandals are back

Yes, that’s right, sandals. Technical sandals. The kind you’d wear if you were to go for a long walk in them. Find out why inside.

Esquire Weekly, our new iPhone and iPad edition, containing 100 per cent original content, is published every Thursday on the Apple Newsstand. Get your copy today by downloading the Esquire UK app to your iPad or iPhone and buying an individual copy for 99p or taking out a three-month, six-month or year’s subscription (all of which include digital copies of the monthly magazine).

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