5 Things We’ve Learned Making The New Issue Of Esquire Weekly

Find out how to wring the last drops of fun out of summer, with our adventure, festival and holiday guide.

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Here's what we learned making the new issue.


1 | That summer isn’t over

Well, not if you don’t want it to be. To that end, we’ve assembled an issue that will allow you to wring the last drops of fun out of September. Adventures, holidays, style and festivals — no sleep till Christmas!


2 | Mykonos might be better than Ibiza

This is just one of several revelations that made us double take in our last minute travel feature. Find out why this is the case and then read about the best places to visit for last minute history, beaches, partying and style.
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3 | Jack O’Connell had a better summer than us

Mind you, Jack O’Connell probably had a better summer, at least career wise, than most people. Find out why he and five others were crowned our kings and queens of the season inside the issue. Spoiler alert: ladies included.


4 | The Bourne Identity is spot on

At least in terms of the medical theory behind Bourne’s head injury, that is. With the release of Before I Go to Sleep this week, a thriller about a woman with amnesia, Kevin Maher talks to UCL’s top brain scientist to work out how these and other films compare to real life.


5 | Where we’re going to buy our next coat

And it looks like being Acne. How do we know? Because we spoke to three of the countries top fashion buyers, and asked them to choose what they’ll actually be buying for themselves this season. Clue: not flares.

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