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The Civil Wars

Yee-haw! A country album you won’t have to hide. There have, of course, always been good country artists fighting against the sugar-syrup tears and spangles, but there’s definitely room for a new gutsy country act. Enter The Civil Wars:

John Paul White and Joy Williams, who met on a song-writing workshop in Nashville, as you do.

The duo’s debut album features rousing tunes (“My Father’s Father”, “Barton Hollow”) that will appeal to enthusiasts of bluegrass twangs and melancholy lap steel, as well as a few forays into gothic melodrama (“Poison & Wine”, “Girl with the Red Balloon”) that will probably get them a booking on the next Twilight soundtrack.

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Which is actually not necessarily a bad thing (did you see who was on New Moon’s OST?).

Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars is out today (Columbia Records)