10 Football Twitter Accounts You Should Follow This Season

140 character stats, gags and expert views on the beautiful game

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Everyone knows mouthing off about the footy on Twitter is the new mouthing off about the footy in the pub.

So to help you get your follow list match sharp, we've round up the best new and classic accounts to keep you informed and entertained.


1 | The Ex-Player: Alan Shearer

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Not only are his MOTD performances going from strength to strength, but the greatest striker in the history of the Premier League has been a revelation since joining Twitter. Follow for funnier-than-you'd-think comments on the weekend's action and expert troll-swatting.

2 | The Stactician: OptaJoe

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The definitive source of arbitrary stats and figures – one of greatest pleasures in the game, after all – the much-parodied OptaJoe is like that weird mate we all have who can recall the possession rate and number of yellow cards from your team’s 2009-10 season, and does so without passion. A steady fountain of pub trivia.

3 | The Manchester Expert: Samuel Luckhurst

An old head on young shoulders – in terms of his knowledge of Red Devil history at least – Manchester Evening News’ new(ish) reporter offers impartial, well-informed criticism from his beat in Britain’s most successful footballing city, and is always up for a spirited post-match debate.

4 | The Fantasy Football Expert: Fantasy Football Scout

Most of us could do with a helping hand when it comes to not being humiliated in our work fantasy football league, but doing the actual research required? Who has time. Which is why this account is so useful, effectively working as your personal scout. Just don’t tell too many people about it.

5 | The Joker: Uber Football

For memes, Vines, virals, videos and all that other good internet-y stuff, check out Uber Football, who round up the best of-the-moment jokes doing the rounds, as well as the odd classic PL moment.

6 | The North East Expert: George Caulkin

Football fans in the North East often feel misunderstood and misrepresented by the London-based media. The Times’ George Caulkin is the exception. Follow him for wry match day updates, behind-the-scenes photos and video, and links to articles about Newcastle and Sunderland football clubs from someone who actually knows what they’re on about.

7 | The Nostalgia Trip: Old School Panini

For anyone who has been alive for a couple of decades or more, nostalgia is an important part of loving football. And what in the game invokes a stronger sense of our shared past than football stickers of players with dodgy haircuts? Nothing, that’s what. Follow this account for regular transportations to a time when playing 'swapsies' was the most important thing you did all day.

8 | The Spain Expert: Sid Lowe

To keep up to date with The Greatest League In The World: Football Edition – that’s La Liga, for anyone who has never watched Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atlético play – follow the Guardian’s correspondent Sid Lowe who is particular good at RT-ing interesting stuff from Spain.

9 | The German Expert: Raphael Honigstein

For an excellent overview of German football – and the action around Europe in general – the Guardian’s Raphael Honigstein is the most reliable source in the business.

10 | The Parody Account: DeludedBrendan

We’ve had TheBigSam. We’ve had BoringJamesMilner. Now, the reigning King of football parody accounts is probably DeludedBrendan, who pokes fun at the Liverpool manager’s propensity for, shall we say, overconfidence. No offence intended to the Kop, here – before long, the joke will run out of steam and a new champion will emerge. That's just how the game works.

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