Revealed: Who And What Ruled Twitter In 2015

Company reveal the most influential users and biggest events from the past twelve months

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In a year where Paris was targeted twice in terror attacks, thousands of refugees fled war and no one could quite make their minds up about the colour of a dress, Twitter remained at the forefront of people finding, sharing and arguing endlessly about the important issues of the day.

This week the company released their stats from the past 12 months, offering an insight into the hivemind of 2015.

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Here, we summarize the salient details.


Forget about terrorism and socio-economic woe for a moment, because the year's most popular tweet (in terms of RTs and likes) was this cryptic little number from popstar and Keith Richards-wannabe Harry Styles, who addressed his 26.3 million followers after the departure of bandmate Zayn Malik: 

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Barack Obama joined the party after he was finally allowed his own Twitter account and then used it to highlight one of the top trending issues of the year, LGBT marriage legislation:

Another high profile newcomer was the world's bravest whistelblower / biggest snitch, Edward Snowden:

Then there was that whole thing with that dress, which was one of the ten most popular hashtages of the year. Was it blue and black? Was it white and gold? Why do people care? Luckily, Taylor Swift was on hand to settle the matter.

In more pressing and grave news, France was twice rocked by terrorist attacks. While the world kept up with the news on Twitter, #JeSuisCharlie and #PrayForParis entered the public lexicon, becoming two more of the year's most popular hashtags.

And Caitlyn Jenner joined Twitter, becoming the fastest user in the site's history to reach a million followers, doing so in less than 24 hours. Which was nice for her.

In terms of trends, #RWC2015 was the top sporting hashtag of year, after the heroics of teams like Japan, Argentina and of course the mighty All Blacks, who all triumphed on English soil during the Rugby World Cup.

The crying face emoji, which was also named the most popular 'word' of 2015 by Oxford dictionaries,5, was the most retweeted emoji.

And finally, when it came down to the most popular Twitter user of the year, Katy Perry retained her crown reaching 78.3 million followers. (That's roughly the population of Germany, by the way.)  

While Justin Bieber (70.5 million), Taylor Swift (66.7 million), Barack Obama (66.5 million) and Rihanna (53.1 million) made up the rest of the top 5.

Who knows what exciting new records 2016 will bring...

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