Lego Sets Are a Better Investment Than Gold

And these five are especially prized

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It's no secret the world loves LEGO (after all, the average person on Earth owns 86 bricks). But apparently the bricks aren't just for play, they're also a decent financial investment. Since 2000, the average LEGO set has increased in value by 12 percent each year—which is higher than the 9.6% gold has appreciated in the same timeframe.

The products in highest demand are specialized sets (like Star Wars editions or tourist attractions like the Taj Majal in India) or discontinued items. But according to Ed Maciorowski, founder of the popular LEGO auction site, even standard LEGO sets have increased in value.

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While we don't recommend hitting up the toy store to buy every box on the shelf, it's clear investing in a few select sets might be worth your time and money. Maciorowski says that if you do take the plunge, in order to get the top price for your investment, you should keep your toy in the box to prevent damage. (Just in case you were planning to, you know, play with them.)

That said, here are the most expensive sets on the market—and a few enthusiasts who just couldn't resist building the model for themselves first.

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1 | Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon: $510 (347.41) in 2007, now $4,041 (2752.70)

2 | Cafe Corner: $134 (91.28) in 2007, now $3,123 (2127.36)

3 | Taj Mahal: $298 (203) in 2008, now $2,753 (1875.32)

4 | Death Star II: $372 (253.40) in 2005, now $2,270 (1546.31)


5 | Imperial Star Destroyer: $249.99 (170.30) in 2002, now $2,185 (1488.40)


From: Good Housekeeping