Long Reads Of The Week: Making A Murderer And Political Assassinations

5 great reads you might have missed from around the web

1 | This week the inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko alleged that President Putin had ordered the assassination of the former Russian spy, who was posioned with a cup of tea in a London hotel in 2006. Here for Guardian, Luke Harding has the full story of how the former detective helped Scotland Yard solve his own murder as he lay dying.

2 | Anyone else feel slightly uncomfortable about the bias in Making A Murderer? Here for the New Yorker Kathryn Schulz anaylses the hit documentary's shortcomings and how "it came to resemble the system it seeks to correct".

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3 | The tennis world was rocked this week when a joint BuzzFeed / BBC investigation, headed by Heidi Blake and John Templon, exposed match-fixing evidence that the game's authorities have kept secret for years.

| In 'Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan?', Rolling Stone's Stephen Rodrick goes back to his home town to investigate a toxic disaster that left its resident's children exposed to lead - and the government shortcomings responsible.

5 | Is Big Sugar as bad as Big Tobacco? For Pacific Standard, Francie Diep meets the former dentist who quit her job to search for the smoking gun in the sugar industry.