The 12 Most Annoying Things People Do In Pubs

Right, that's it - you're barred

Deliberately slowing down or pretending to make a phone call as you reach the entrance to the pub
Everyone knows you are trying to skip a round and everyone will remember.

Keeping a packet of crisps or nuts to yourself
Anything that comes in a foil packet must be opened like a flower and offered up to the communal good.

Standing up and saying "right, let's go" before everyone else in the group has finished their pint just because you've already finished yours
Two minutes without a drink isn't going to kill you, mate.

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Trying to order a mojito in a pub
Let that holiday in Zante go.

Owning your own customised pool cue taking it to the pub in a special case and making anyone who wants a game ‘play you for the table’
There’s one in every town.

Having a go when someone buys pork scratchings
Keep your sanctimonious diet snobbery for the gym and get some of these hairy beauties down you.

Buying anyone a ‘small’ wine or a ‘single’ spirit unless specifically requested and even then only after a respectable amount of protest
Don’t be generous by halves.

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Having your kids in the bar after 7pm
Little Oscar running around was cute at lunchtime but now it's dark outside and I want to do some serious drinking without his bright little eyes judging me.

Putting Radiohead on the jukebox
This isn’t your bedroom and we’re trying to have a good time.

Leaning on the bar having a good old chinwag with your pal like its 3pm on a Sunday when it’s actually 9pm on a Friday and people are trying to get served
Please make use of all available space, you selfish piece of shit.

Trying to hit on the barmaid
If you’ve really ‘fallen in love’ go back tomorrow and ask her when you don’t smell of Sambuca and you can see straight.

Allowing yourself to be served ahead of someone you totally knew was at the bar before you and then pretending like you hadn’t noticed
Congratulations! You're scum of the earth.