Long Reads Of The Week: Celebrity Divorces, Unclaimed Land And The (Possible) End Of Mankind

5 great reads you may have missed from around the web

1 | For the Guardian, Jack Shenker travels to the last unclaimed spot of land on earth where he discovers that borders are volatile things, and starting your own country is a difficult undertaking.

2 |  Laura Wasser is the Hollywood lawyer who specialises in separating the rich and famous. For Bloomberg Business, Claire Suddath meets her.

3 | The BBC's Vibeke Venema has the story of Tumusiime Henry, the Ugandan school boy was wrongly accused of not one but two murders - until a chance meeting with an American lawyer who decided to try and save him.

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4 | In 'The Bidding War', the New Yorker's Matthieu Aikins has the story of the young military contractor who made millions from the Afghan war.

5 | Finally, the first part of Rolling Stone's investigation into the 'Artificial Intelligence Revolution', by Jeff Goodell, investigates how close we are to creating a new life form that, as any good sci-fi dystopia will tell you, can only pose a longterm threat to us as a species.