Team Esquire's First Ever Tweets

Our embarrassing first attempts at 'live microblogging', to mark 10 years of Twitter

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A modest first step for the main account.

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Digital Editor Will Hersey opens with a lesser spotted cycling / urine gag.

Deputy Digital Editor Sam Parker attempts an ironic Dad-joke. It all went downhill from here.

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A rock star-esque opener from Esquire's Fashion Director.

Style Director Teo van den Broeke immediately grasps Twitter's main function.

Deputy Style Editor Charlie Teasdale goes straight in for the celebrity shoulder rub.

Deputy Editor Johnny Davis was in an existential mood for his first tweet.

Entertainment Director Tom Macklin echoed many tentative early(ish) adopters back in 2009.

Esquire's food and drink expert Rachel Fellows: talking about martinis since (at least) 2011.