5 Ways To Upgrade Your Dating App Profile

According to Whitney Wolfe - the woman behind Tinder and Bumble

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Few people in the world have done more to change to way we hook up, have sex or fall in love in the past decade than Whitney Wolfe.

The 26-year-old Texan co-founded Tinder, the phone app that popularised 'swipe left or right' dating, before leaving in a storm of controversy to set up her own, superior version of the same thing – Bumble – in 2014.

Bumble - where the core difference is woman have to initiate conversations between matches, meaning less creepy harassment for them and less depressing, unanswered openers for you – also has cool addition features like a (free) backtrack option for accidental swipes, 'VIBee' badges for users who behave themselves and - should you wish to use it - a new function for making non-romantic connections (once known as 'friends').

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Given her extensive knowledge of digital dating, we asked Wolfe what everyone really wants to know: how to get more matches. 

Here are her 5 big tips for men.

1 | Get help from a woman

"So, here's the issue," Wolfe says. "Men have no idea what type of photos women like of them. Some of the cutest guys that I know - the best guys - I look at their profile, and they look like a serial killer.

"I would highly advise getting the help of a sister or a girl friend or a co worker. Someone who will give you an honest opinion."

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2 | No selfies

"They should be illegal," Wolfe confirmes. "Never use a selfie taken in front of a mirror. Never, ever."

3 | More is more

"This is interesting: if you have all 6 photos, you're twice as likely to get a match. If you don't have a lot of photos, it gives this weird signal to women that you either a) don't care or b) don't have any other photos, which makes them suspicious. Is he not cute? Is he weird? What's going on here? Basically, the more photos the better."

4 | Keep it lighthearted

"Use some wit in there. I see a lot of guys that are trying to be really serious, giving a little essay on themselves. No one cares. Save it for the third date. Use something witty. Hook her with something clever," says Wolfe before adding a killer stat. "If you have a bio filled in and all 6 photos, you're four times as likely to get a match."

5 | Pick your photos wisely

I ask Wolfe about some classic dating app profile pics. Lying next to a drugged up wild animal on a gap year? "That's a big no." 

What about being involved in some sort of sporting activing? "Yeah, I like that. You get it, they're active. They're happy to go do something."

Now the biggie: what about photos with other women? "Okay, this depends," says Wolfe.

"If it's just you and a woman posing at a wedding, or at a black tie event - I've seen a lot of this – then that's clearly you with a date. It if looks like date, then don't use it.

"If it's you and a girl on what seems to be a family vacation, that's really cute. If there are women or children in your photos, actually call it out in your bio: 'the blonde is my sister', or something like that."

So there you have it. Good luck.

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