The 10 Best Gifts For Men Who Love Football

Beautiful presents from the beautiful game

Instead of 1,000-page eulogies to the genius of Brian Clough as a tactician (no, please, tell us more about that Forest side...), we decided to make a list of of football gifts that - you know - are cool.

We've got stylish prints, we've got retro shirts and we absolutely do not have any dull Christmas books about lionised managers from bygone eras.

Apologies if that's your thing...

(Here are some actually decent football books, since you're here.)

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Stone Island Crew Neck Jumper

Did someone say "Terrace Culture"? No, well, seeing as the fashion world is currently mad for all things Nineties and sport retro, it's about time you invested in a proper legacy piece: a Stone Island jumper. 

Look, it has that patch and everything.

Stone Island, Fleece-Back Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt, £165,

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Adidas Copa 17.1 Firm Ground Boots

None of that fancy pants Neymar Magenta boot nonsense here. We want them colour-less, dependable and made out of kangaroo leather and the cold sweat of a thousand Sunday League hangovers.

These updated versions of the classic Copa 90 feature just the right amount of tech and tradition.

You know that Roy Keane and Graham Souness would approve.

Adidas Copa 17.1 Firm Ground Boots, £169.95,

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'Sunday Football' Photo Book

A quality little hardcover photo book by photographer Chris Baker, Sunday Football acts as a love letter to the joys, sorrows and ill-advised hangovers of Sunday League. 

Taken on the fields of Hackney Marshes in East London (of course), Chris has filled the book with candid photos and captions that cover two years of work.

Sunday Football, £13.45,

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Atletico Paris 2017 Le Ballon Home Shirt

Le Ballon is an underground football league in Paris where each team gets to design their own kits. This is Atletico Paris' home shirt. It's black, it's stylish, and everyone's going to stop you and ask where you bought it.

"Oh this? Just a shirt from a little Parisian underground football league." 

Atletico Paris 2017 Le Ballon Home Shirt, £80,

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Adidas Beckenbauer Track Top

We never had the chance to watch Beckenbauer play, but apparently he was pretty good.

Judging by this lovely track jacket, he also had solid taste in German sportswear.

Adidas Beckenbauer Track Top, £59,

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Paul Smith 'Football Player' Tie

The kind of tie that says: "Yeah, I go to the football on Saturday, but I'll also nail this conference call to Shanghai."

Paul Smith 'Football Player'  Motif Silk Tie, £90,

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Fifa 18

Back with slicker graphics, shinier kits and crowds that (probably) don't quite feel right. Fifa is still king of the football simulation hill, no matter how many nerds mutter, "but Pro Evo is for the purists."

This year's cover features a properly good footballer in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo and his £10,000 haircut and skincare routine.

Remember when they had Jack Wilshere on the cover? 

That was a funny year, wasn't it?

Fifa 18 (released 29 September) Xbox One and PS4, from £49.99, pre-order at

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Two-Nil A2 Print

A triptych print depicting the time that Gazza destroyed the very human core of Colin Hendry (some say he's still chewing cud to this day) to send England 2-0 up against Scotland at Euro 96.

It will look good on your wall and remind you of a time when you didn't hate the English football team.

Two-Nil A2 Print, £45,

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Gosha Rubchinskiy X adidas Scarf

Russia's most 'IN' brand, Gosha Rubchinskiy has joined up with adidas to make a very limited collection of trendy football-inspired gear.

The shirt sold out in minutes, but this scarf is still good. 

Gosha Rubchinskiy x adidas scarf, £29,

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Diadora x Roberto Baggio Signature Tee

Roberto Baggio: wonderful footballer, terrible penalty taker and owner of, arguably, the truly most-dreadful haircut in the sport's long and illustrious history of horrible haircuts. 

Celebrate his legacy with this very nice retro Diadora shirt.

Diadora Signature Tee x Baggio, £59,