We Watched Michael Gove's Bizarre Nineties Chat Show, And Here Are His Worst 'Jokes'

Oh Gove

Until today, few of us knew that Prime Ministerial hopeful Michael Gove starred in a weirdly hostile, right-leaning Channel 4 chat show called Stab In The Dark alongside David Baddiel in 1992.

And while the Channel 4 legal team were quick to take it down once it appeared on YouTube, we managed to watch the whole thing in its mind-bending entirety.

Gove may plead to the public that history has been thrust upon him, but it's clear to see that the Conservative MP has always considered himself a bit of a star.

Every one of his (endless and awful) 'ironically' un-PC quips in Stab in the Dark is topped off with an arched eyebrow and a shiny, over-inflated smirk.

It's a pretty confused show that crosses between straight-faced political discourse and Colbert-esque irony every few seconds. Host David Baddiel has called it "not right in so many ways", and the dark humour that it clearly aims for sounds spiteful against the silent audience backdrop.

"I have no charisma or glamour," Gove told the British public recently. His early foray into comedy may convince you he is right - whether he really believes it himself or not.

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