Missing Game Of Thrones Already? Watch Sean Bean Play Ned Stark Again - Sort Of

A first look at the upcoming comedy Wasted

Check out this hilarious exclusive clip from E4's upcoming comedy Wasted.

Perfectly timed after the recent finale of Game of Thrones , the preview of Wasted sees Sean Bean reprise his role as Ned Stark (sort of) to be a spirit guide to a geek.

His guide's first piece of advice is to be "more assertive": "You know, confident, like Paxman."

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Written by Cuckoo's James Lamont and Jon Foster, Wasted chronicles the exploits of Morpheus, who is busy pining for tattoo shop owner Alison (Gwyneth Keyworth).

As he spends his days running a bong shop with his neurotic sister Sarah (Rose Reynolds), he envisions his spirit guide Sean Bean to help him with important life decisions.

Wasted is coming to E4 in July.

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