Samuel L. Jackson's 'Game Of Thrones' Recap Is Swear-Heavy And Incredible

​"You wanna see a dragon motherf*cker?"

Keeping track of Game of Thrones' myriad characters, complex family histories and ceaseless shifting loyalties can be hard work for even the most dedicated of super fans.

Truth is, sometimes we all need a Westeros refresher - and who better to deliver it than Samuel L. "Motherf**kin" Jackson?

"Loads of people", you're probably thinking. "He is by no means the most qualified person to give me a Game of Thrones revision session."

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A fair point. But while George R.R. Martin would be better placed to school us on lore, he surely wouldn't have the same command of swear-heavy fury as our man Sam in his uncensored 'Beginner's Guide'.

In the space of 7-minutes, Jackson charges through the HBO TV epic's history. If you're averse to spoilers and swears, we suggest moving along.